About The Author

The Great Cattle Drives that occurred from the mid-1860's to the late 1880's are synonymous with Texas and the men who would become known as cowboys. What role did Montague County play during this wonderfully romantic, though brief, 20-year period? Where and when did the cattle cross Montague County? Where were the stops or prominent points in our county?

These are the questions I asked before embarking on a year long quest to find the truth about Montague County and the Great Cattle Drives. Answering these questions has taken me on a long journey, and each turn of the page provided yet another lead to follow.


Texans love to tell stories. All the stories of the Texas cattle drives, where they went and the local communities that player some role. All these stories have some factual support, but have been skewed in some form or fashion to the teller's benefit. Therefore, I decided to throw out all that I had heard and start fresh. By doing so, I discovered that the truth is even better than the stories.

I hope that with each turn of the page, you will be as enthralled with the stories as I am.