Texans love to tell stories. All the stories of the Texans cattle drives!

The Great Cattle Drives that occurred from the mid-1860's to the late 1880's are synonymous with Texas and the men who would become known as cowboys. What role did Montague County play during this wonderfully romantic, though brief, 20-year period? Where and when did the cattle cross Montague County? Where were the stops or prominent points in our county?



“I will tell you from my own knowledge, and from short stories by thirty-five old early trail men, most of whom went up the old Chisholm trail, indicated the trail by naming rivers and towns, showing some on maps. I believe the old Chisholm cow trail started at San Antonio, Texas and ended in Abilene, Kansas. (after Fort Worth) the next town was Elizabeth and from there to Bolivar; here the trail forked, but we keep to the main trail up Elm to Saint Jo on to Red River Station here crossing Red River. I have no definite information as to what year this old trail was laid out, and if this is not the old Chisholm cow trail, then there is no Chisholm Trail."

C H Rust, San Angelo, Texas

NORTH TO KANSAS: The Real Chisholm Trail allows the viewer to experience the cattle drive era with stories of the cattle drovers themselves.



NORTH TO KANSAS: The Real Chisholm Trail

NORTH TO KANSAS is available for purchase on Vimeo. You may also rent the video for 48 hours.


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